Jamie goes it alone

Emmerdale’s postie Jamie delivers a heartbreaking message to Gennie when he tells her he’s leaving the village without her. Gennie desperately tries to convince Jamie that he’s her only Hope, but Jamie tells her they have no future because of her past and drives off. There’s no good news for Bob, either. Devastated by his betrayal while she was in prison, Viv tells Bob their marriage is over. We’ve been here before with this passionate couple, though. They married in 2001, divorced in 2005 and remarried in 2006. Are they headed for another divorce?

Charlie hasn’t been put off by the relationship wreckage in Emmerdale and plans a surprise for Diane, with Victoria and Andy’s help. It’s just a little dinner, Charlie tells Diane, and she looks forward to it. But when she turns up he tells her that the restaurant is in Paris! Oooooh la la! Charming Charlie is quite the romantic. Let’s hope he’s not too good to be true.

Nicola finally finds out that she will be free to get married. But she has to face the court for biting Cathy Hope just after her wedding, so her honeymoon may have to be delayed.

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