Jamie struggles to keep the affair quiet

Jamie has another secret night of passion with Louise, but he’s almost caught out by Terry and when Viv sees Jamie searching for gifts on the internet, she guesses that he’s got someone on the go. Jamie admits to Louise that he’s struggling to keep things quiet but she insists that he doesn’t tell anyone.

Victoria flirts with Christian on the outdoor pursuits day but she balks when she realises that she’s expected to do water sports. Victoria has a flashback to her near-drowning incident after the truck crash and she hits Christian when he tries to get her into a canoe.

The school call Diane, but with Jack off somewhere, Billy offers to go with Diane to explain Victoria’s water phobia. Jack is grateful that Billy’s words have stopped Victoria from getting expelled, while Diane struggles with her ever growing feelings.

Marlon tries every possible way to get Eli out of Tall Trees but to no avail and Eli repeats his threat to tell Donna the truth about the armed robbery. A frustrated Marlon is forced to admit defeat but Donna gives Eli one week to find somewhere else to live.

Also, Jo prepares to open the goat farm.