Jamie is under stress following the revelations about the potentially incriminating photo of him on Val’s camera and he breaks down on Jasmine and admits that his alibi for Tom’s murder is weak. Jamie reveals that he’s worried that the whole village is suspicious of him and people will think that he murdered Tom.

Later, Debbie overhears Jasmine filling in McNally on Jamie’s troubles and she realises that the camera that Jasmine lost is the one that is in her possession. Jamie is stunned when he receives an anonymous note saying ‘You’re Nicked’ and he worries that the camera may have fallen into the wrong hands.

Viv is being kept in hospital following the surprise birth of her babies in the middle of the moor and she tries to relax. She’s happy with Kelly’s newfound desire to help her family. Bob and Viv decide it’s time to announce the babies names when both Kelly and Marlon are in on a visit. They reveal that the twins will be called Cathy and Heathcliff, just like the characters from Emily Bronte’s famous novel Wuthering Heights, as they were born on the moors!

Laurel’s pregnancy is starting to get her down as she’s suffering from morning sickness. Matters aren’t helped by her job, however, as the synthetic chemicals in the cleaning products make her feel twice as sick. Val and Betty encourage Laurel to sniff a few products to see which ones affect her badly. Laurel worries that she’ll have to give up work early when it’s clear that cleaner and polish are the worst culprits.