Jamie’s Family Super Foods

Following on from his culinary travelogue, Jamie's Super Foods, Jamie Oliver fronts a new series exploring the healthiest, family-friendly places to eat in the world...

Following on from his culinary travelogue Jamie’s Super Foods last year, this new eight-part series sees Mr Oliver again exploring some of the world’s healthiest places in search of delicious dishes, but this time with a family-friendly twist.

In this first episode, Jamie visits Sardinia to get a masterclass in making one of the rarest forms of pasta, before jetting to Jeju island in South Korea to learn more about its national dish kimchi, which is made with vegetables and a variety of seasonings.

Back home, Jamie whips up a scrummy-looking pineapple pancake mess with coconut, cashews and lime, plus a simple-to-follow spinach pici pasta, and a warming Korean chicken hotpot. Yum!