Jamie’s nerve is tested in an emergency

Picking up directly from last week’s episode illegal immigrant, Ramin, is hiding from the police in Zoe’s locked office. Student nurse Jamie tries to persuade him to tell the authorities he’s gay and thereby eligible to seek asylum.

Ramin, however, is terrified that if the news of his sexuality gets out his family in Iran will be tortured. The stress of the situation becomes too much for him and he collapses, struggling for breath.

Panicked, Jamie tries to unlock the door, but a human rights protester has chained herself to the other side and no one can get in or out. It’s up to Jamie to save Ramin’s life all on his own by performing emergency surgery.

Elsewhere, Zoe gives new doctor Lily a stern dressing down after she refuses to treat a patient whose politics she disagrees with.

Tess, meanwhile, tells Zoe she’s thinking of handing in her resignation.