Janae confronts Ned and Kirsten

After avoiding romance with Kirsten, Ned is surprised to find Janae at the school reunion. But, unable to suppress her jealousy, Janae lashes out at Kirsten in a public display of anger. Ned doesn’t know how to convince Janae to trust him, and their relationship begins to disintegrate.

Karl secretly attends a job interview at the hospital, but interviewer Dr Newton is unconvinced that he’s ready to return to the profession. However, a medical emergency at the General Store later sees Karl return to the medical front line and make a passionate declaration, which gets him the job.

As Libby continues to struggle with Darren’s cheating, she dismisses Steph’s suggestion that her love for Drew could have driven Darren out of their relationship. Meanwhile, fed up with being at home, Susan decides to push her body to its limits and enlists Miranda and Rebecca to go with her on a mountain hike.

Fired up for her first day at the Erinsborough News, Elle’s day doesn’t go as planned and she soon realises it’s going to be a challenge to start at the bottom of the corporate ladder. Dissatisfied with her first assignment, Elle convinces Riley to swap.

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