Janae drops a clanger!

As Libby and Darren get their relationship back on track, Janae wrestles with her conscience, and begins to think that if Libby found out about the kiss, she would forgive Darren the way Ned is forgiving her. But when the music at Rosie and Frazer’s BBQ stops suddenly, Janae’s plea for Darren to tell Libby what happened between them is broadcast to the whole street.

While Rachel hides in the bedroom, Dan arrives to find Bridget arguing with Angus at his flat and jumps to the conclusion that Angus and Bridget are together. Worried about the close call, Angus ends his relationship with Rachel.

Karl discovers his terminal patient Richard Aaronow is Oliver and Declan’s father. After hearing Richard’s moving death bed confession, Karl tries to convince Richard to reconnect with his family. But Richard forbids Karl to tell his sons that he’s dying.

Hoping Carmella will take Marco back, Rosie invites him to their BBQ. But when Marco confirms his flight details out of Erinsborough, it looks like the relationship is over for good.

Also, Riley decides the best way to move forward with Elle is to pretend he never told her how he feels.

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday April 16*