Janae makes a tough decision

After Libby confronts Janae for telling Ben about her kiss with Darren, Janae comes to the conclusion that she is constantly causing instability in Mickey and Ned’s lives, and reluctantly makes the decision to leave Ramsay Street. Meanwhile, an oblivious Ned tells a doubting Libby that his relationship with Janae has just hit a bad patch and they’ll be fine.

Rachel is wandering alone on the streets when she meets her friend Taylah, who offers to put her up at her place for the night, providing she lets Zeke know she’s OK. Rachel lets her worried brother know she is safe – but worried Taylah tips Zeke off as to her whereabouts, leaving Rachel feeling utterly betrayed when her friends turn up.

Carmella begins to doubt her parenting skills when she brings Chloe home and can’t stop her baby crying, but she is reassured by Rebecca who arrives to quieten the tot, and teaches her that motherhood is a learning process.

Elsewhere, despite his obvious yearning for Carmella, Marco is offered a 12-month stint at a West Australian vineyard. Will he sign the contract?

*Showing on RTE One, Tuesday April 29*

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