Janae says farewell to Ramsay Street

Ned is angry at Janae’s decision to leave Ramsay Street and can’t understand that she’s doing it for Mickey, as she prepares to depart immediately. He fails to persuade her to stay, while Toadie and Steph urge her to think carefully before doing anything rash.

Janae finally reveals to Mickey that she’s leaving, using a fairytale story to make him understand. Later, at the airport, an emotional Ned turns up at the last minute to declare his love for Janae and the pair share a final kiss before she leaves in tears.

Over at Taylah’s, Zeke and Ringo manage to calm Rachel down, with Zeke telling his sister a few home truths. But Zeke unwittingly puts his foot in it, revealing that Susan confronted Angus. Convinced that Susan forced Angus to lie that he never loved her, Rachel is furious and swears that she will never return home.

When Carmella admits that she misses Marco, Rebecca urges her to call him in Western Australia. However, he beats her to it, and she and Marco finally speak after two weeks apart.

*Showing on RTE One, Wednesday April 30*

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