Tortured by her secret knowledge of Max’s whereabouts, Janae attempts to make contact with him but chickens out at the last minute. But she’s given food for thought when Boyd confides in her how much he misses Max. Realising that Boyd won’t be able to move on until his dad is found, Janae resolves to take action and pays Max a visit…

Steph assumes Toadie’s cold behaviour towards her is a sign that he’s no longer interested in her. But when Steph finds out that there’s a real danger of Toadie being paralysed, she confronts him, and he tells her he didn’t want her feelings for him to turn into pity. Steph pledges to stand by Toadie whatever happens and the pair look forward to a future together.

Sky worries when she’s forced to choose between her job and her baby, so she’s grateful when Harold comes to her aid and offers to look after baby Kerry.

When Janae finds nasty graffiti at the garage, she jumps to the conclusion that Pepper is responsible and accuses an indignant Pepper of staging a hate campaign against her own mother.

Also, Susan struggles to cope when Karl buys a rooster, and Pepper is intrigued by Ned’s secret career, beginning to suspect he’s a gigolo.