Boyd feels uneasy about leaving Janae alone in the company of Rex and her new workmates, but Janae is adamant she can look after herself. However, Will and Rosie are also concerned, and tell Janae to be careful.

Unfortunately, Janae soon finds out the ugly truth about Rex when he ogles her at work, and she gets her revenge by turning away customers from the garage, before giving Rex a piece of her mind. Not giving in, slimy Rex ends up locking both of them in his office when no-one else is around.

Elsewhere, Rosie and Paul’s mutual attraction grows, but Paul is terrified about having feelings for another woman and spontaneously decides to bring the wedding date forward by weeks rather than months.

Dylan makes it clear he’ll never be able to forgive Paul for his part in fabricating Elle’s terminal ‘illness’, despite Elle’s protests that it was all her idea. After confiding her worries to Lyn, Elle feels encouraged to open up to Dylan about her issues instead of keeping quiet and heads over to Dylan’s to clear the air.

But once there she chickens out for fear she might lose him. But Paul is worried when he sees how Dylan is treating Elle and urges her to stand up for herself.