Jane Beale thinks the books are being cooked

Jane Beale realises that something is not right with Beales' finances when she checks over the restaurant books in EastEnders...

Lauren tells Jane about Peter watching the video of Louie, innocently winding up Steven. Meanwhile, Jane checks the finances for Beale’s and soon realises things don’t add up. Will she uncover the truth?

Martin asks Kush to help redecorate the new house, confiding that he’s worried Belinda won’t be able to pay her share of the rent. Belinda is feeling confident about the Carters’ investment, however, approaching Micka nd Linda with a contract and business plan. Will things go how she wants?

Ronnie suggests that Roxy spends some time with Amy. When Roxy turns up to see her daughter, she’s upset to learn that Jack is taking her on holiday instead.

Also, Bex makes excuses when Shakil suggests spending the night together.