Jane Beale discovers Max’s plan!

Jane confronts Max over his evil plot but will he put a stop to her meddling?

Steven is in a panic that his story is unravelling, confessing to Max that Jane knows he doesn’t have a tumour. At the Beales’, Jane is slowly piecing together all the facts and comes to a shock conclusion. Confronting Steven, Jane learns that her suspicions are right and Max was involved in Steven’s lie. Jane meets Max at the restaurant, telling him she knows all about his revenge plan. How far will Max go to protect his interests? Is Jane in danger?

In the Square, Fi gives a speech for Walford in Bloom. But with the mayor there, Fi is heckled by protestors who are angry about council cuts. Already a little tipsy, Fi gives as good as she gets. When she goes too far, Max is forced to give her a reality check. As the Mayor flees the stage, worried about the protestors, disaster strikes… There’s a huge explosion as a gas main goes up!

Linda clashes with Fi over recent events. When Linda comes to a sudden realisation she’s left upset and turns to Whitney for support. Despite being touched when Whitney insists that Linda is the only person that Mick loves, when Linda later sees Mick with Whitney, she makes a decision… Is it the end of Mick and Linda?

Also, Honey throws a birthday party for Janet and Ricky. Billy confronts Phil about his treatment of Jay. Ted and Joyce celebrate their anniversary.