Will Jane uncover Steven’s secret in EastEnders?

When Jane delves into the restaurant finances, what will she find out? EastEnders preview

Steven is paranoid about being found out when Jane is on a mission to get to the bottom of the dodgy finances at Beale’s. Will she discover what he’s been doing?

Whitney is excited on the first day of Lee’s new job and pushes ahead with her plans for the wedding. When Lee has a good first day, Whitney suggests that they buy a shared ownership house together. Keen to treat Whitney, Lee buys his bride-to-be a gift.

Kathy is desperate to stop Ben going ahead with the liver transplant donation. Annoyed with Kathy’s interference, Ben insists that he won’t change his decision. After Sharon wants to separate Dennis from the bad influence of his mates and move him to another school, he and Ben have a heart-to-heart. Their conversation starts Ben thinking about his own future.

Also, Martin’s worried about Shakil’s designs on Bex ahead of Bex’s 16th birthday. Claudette is mean to Patrick when he invites her to the cinema with him and Dot.