Jane refuses to believe that Lucy has cheated and confronts the school. Peter worries that if Lucy’s cheating is found out he’ll be tarred with the same brush. Lucy feels guilty about Peter and tells Jane the truth. Jane is upset that Lucy lied to her. Zsa Zsa gets crossed wires about why Jane is upset with Lucy and Jane is left reeling when Zsa Zsa lets slip that Lucy had an abortion.

Minty and Heather wake up in bed together and feel awkward with each other. Heather feels guilty about leaving George asleep in the next room when she discovers George has breathing problems. Heather is feeling confused about her feelings but Minty convinces her that he wants to be with her and George.

Max gives Bradley’s urn back to Dot and insists he doesn’t want it. Max is in a bad mood all day and is mean to Darren when he worries about George having breathing problems. Vanessa calms down Max and Max finds Dot and tells her he wants to do something for Bradley’s birthday. Max apologises to Darren for his harsh words. Vanessa is touched when Max asks her to come with him to scatter Bradley’s ashes.

Also, Syed’s upset when Christian gets drunk with Roxy.

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