Jane discovers the truth about Steven

Jane gets a birthday card from Christian that says ‘ask Stacey’ and after quizzing an evasive Stacey, she realises that Steven had designs on Christian. Jane shares her suspicions with Ian, who questions Steven. Steven breaks down and admits that he left New Zealand after Simon discovered he was gay. Later, Steven disappears to a strange caravan. An unkempt Lucy is in the caravan and Steven tells her that the family have forgotten her already…

Sean has been locked in his room while the Slaters decide what to do with his drugs. Sean climbs out of the window and comes back in round the front then dramatically flushes the cocaine down the sink. Later, Jean is bemused when she discovers that her baking powder tin is empty. Meanwhile, Sean is selling a wrap of cocaine to a punter in the park…

Clare is up to her usual scheming and she ‘lets slip’ to Dot that she’s interested in Bradley but laments the fact that he doesn’t seem keen on her. Predictably, a hopeful Dot can’t keep the news to herself and she blurts out to Bradley that Clare has a thing about him.

Also, Peggy promises to help Ben go to his tap dance exam without Phil knowing.

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