Jane writes a card for Ian as she prepares to go to court. When Masood visits to check on Jane, he’s worried to learn she’s planning to help Max. After dropping off the card with Lauren, Jane heads to court, closely followed by Lauren, who realises what she’s planning. By the time Lauren arrives, Jane is already in the dock, giving her version of events about Good Friday. The court is stunned when Jane makes a shock revelation.

Sonia questions Robbie, confused about his surprise return to Walford. Frustrated with Sonia’s questioning, Robbie fobs her off. When Sonia finds Robbie taking money from her purse, she’s even more worried.

Ronnie is startled to find Charlie at Dot’s house. When he tries to blackmail her, saying if she ever sees Matthew again he’ll reveal she’s a murderer, Ronnie is furious. Keeping herself in check, Ronnie agrees to Charlie’s demands. After telling Dot she’s going to make things up to Charlie, Ronnie instead finds Vincent, bringing him back to see Charlie. Later, Roxy finds Charlie’s wallet in the bin…