Jane falls out with Tanya

Jane still hasn’t told Tanya she’s leaving for Cardiff. Tanya asks Jane to go to the hospital with her for a follow-up appointment. In the Vic, Tanya continues to gush about Jane staying until Masood lets slip that Jane is leaving. An upset Tanya storms out of the pub. Jane tries to explain to Tanya, but Tanya won’t listen. Jane snaps and tells Tanya a few home truths before leaving, their friendship destroyed.

Mandy’s determined to be a good mum to Bobby. Bianca paints a picture of a life of drudgery, but Mandy is determined to do things differently and asks Ian for a car. Lucy is miffed when Ian agrees without question. Mandy worries she can’t carry off being a mum when Bobby plays up, but Jane reassures her. Mandy happily tells Ian she’s ready to be Mrs Beale.

Bianca asks Kim to watch Morgan when she gets her job back in the cafe. Kim takes Morgan into the Vic and bumps into Ray with his daughter Sasha. Ray introduces Morgan to Sasha. Bianca’s furious when she finds out as she doesn’t want her kids confused any further.

Also, Shirley feels undermined when she finds out Derek is now Phil’s business partner.