Jane throws a ‘Bangers and Mash, Give Us Your Cash’ fundraiser at the Vic. Lucy takes on the PR and organises a live interview with a local radio station. Jane’s old cookery tutor Gethin Williams hears the interview and pays Jane a visit. Jane is stunned when Gethin offers her a job in his new restaurant. Meanwhile, the fundraiser is a huge success.

Marsden is determined to see Phil go down and a plan forms to get more evidence when she sees Phil teasing an obviously humiliated Ben. Marsden takes Ben to the station and shows him the CCTV footage of Stella on the roof before her death plunge in a bid to get him talking. Phil is left reeling when Ben reveals that Marsden has reopened the case on Stella’s death.

Max takes Lauren to the Vic to meet Tanya. Lauren comments on her parents’ hypocrisy on taking her to the pub, especially when they find Tanya tipsy. Max is concerned about Tanya drinking. Lauren convinces Max that Tanya doesn’t need babysitting and they share a moment of closeness.

Also, Ricky says a sad farewell to Bianca and the kids; Lucy lets Bobby find Mandy’s drugs and is annoyed when Ian lets Mandy off lightly.