Jane gets passionate with Masood!

Denise is hoping Jane and Masood will take a shine to each other over dinner. When Ian lovingly reminisces with Jane, encouraged by Shabnam, Denise is deflated. After discovering her main course has been burnt, Denise realises Shabnam is trying to get Jane to go for Ian to get her away from her dad. Shabnam is horrified when Jane wants to make it clear to Ian that they can’t revisit their past by grabbing Masood for a passionate kiss!

Tina sticks to her guns after bringing Stan to the Vic, despite opposition from Mick and Shirley. Mick reluctantly agrees to let Stan stay until he’s better. Despite being on his best behaviour, Stan soon shows his true colours at the dinner table. Mick takes Stan home to collect his belongings, but leaves Stan at the side of the road!

Lauren catches Lucy having a secret conversation on the phone, but believes Lucy’s excuse. When Lauren’s tempted to take a drink, Lucy looks out for her. Meanwhile, Whitney kisses a shocked Johnny after Peter upsets her. Sharon and Phil are furious to arrive at the bar and find the teens there.