Jane has a mare with her brother

Jane decides to meet Christian and his partner at Fargo’s after refusing to have Christian in the house. The two couples meet up at the restaurant, but Jane and Christian soon start sniping at each other. Ashley is shocked by Christian’s rude behaviour and storms out, leaving an upset Christian alone with Jane and Ian.

Jay is less than impressed when he discovers that Dawn has spent the night with his dad and he heads out to school. Jay gets involved with a gang of teens who ask him to look after their stolen goods. Later, Jase is reluctantly forced to go out for a drink with Dawn‘s family. Jay gets a text from gang leader Tegs and leaves a note for Jase to say he’s gone to bed. Meanwhile, Dot is terrified when she hears the young thugs outside her house…

Zainab expects Masood to go to a lot of effort on their wedding anniversary, but a panicky Masood hasn’t sorted anything out. Masood buys a brooch from Shirley, not realising that she rescued it from Yolande’s charity shop donations. Masood takes Zainab to Fargo’s and she loves her brooch – until Yolande lets slip the truth!

Also, Jack secures an invite to Phil’s birthday party; Minty tries on his cowboy wedding outfit!

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