Jane tells Ian she’s not going to work today and heads off on a mysterious mission. Ian asks Tanya if she knows where Jane has gone and is anxious when Tanya reveals Jane’s confession that she’s unhappy with her life. Jane returns and tells Ian that she’s been to ‘see someone’; when Ian tells her he’ll do anything to keep her, she stuns him by announcing that she wants a baby.

Bianca hides her upset when Ricky and Sam tell her they want to tell the kids they’re back together. Bianca is irritated when Sam tries to play stepmum to Liam. Darren offers Whitney a job in the car lot but Sam doesn’t want Whitney working for Archie. Ricky convinces Bianca to encourage Whitney to get another job. Sam asks Ricky to move into the Vic but he wants to wait until things settle down.

Bradley talks to Jean about his concerns for Stacey and reminds her that she needs to tell her about his plans for divorce. Stacey is furious that Bradley has talked to Jean about her and he wearily tells her that she’s not his concern anymore. Bradley returns to Syd and says he’s had enough of Walford and wants to move to Canada after all.

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