Jane has a shock proposal for Ian!

Jane and Ian wake up after spending the night together. Despite Jane asking Ian to keep their renewed relationship a secret for now, Ian can’t resist spilling the beans to Alfie. The news spreads around the Square, angering Jane. Alfie apologises for gossiping but points out how proud Ian is to have her back. At the Christmas Eve carols in the Square, Jane interrupts Ian singing with the Community Choir to propose!

Linda is frustrated when she tries to ban Dean from Christmas lunch after he let slip their secret, but Mick refuses to blacklist him from the family. Dean gets Linda alone, insisting she tell Stacey that she made a mistake. Linda agrees as long as it means Dean will stay away from her and her family. Stacey, however, tells Dean to back off or everyone will know what he’s done.

Mick convinces Aunt Babe and Shirley to let him see Sylvie for lunch. In awe of the woman he thinks is his mum, Mick hands her a heart-felt Christmas present. Also, Alfie’s hopes of a Christmas reunion with Kat are dashed when she makes it clear she’s only letting him come round on Christmas Day to see Tommy.