Jane kisses Masood

Jane receives an adoption application form in the post and talks to Masood about her fear that Ian will never agree to it. Jane tells Ian about the application form, but he insists that he’s already got too many responsibilities. Jane is devastated and she pours her heart out to Masood then moves in for a kiss…

Christian confronts Lucy about the blackmail texts and her face betrays her guilt. Lucy pleads that she was blackmailing Syed for Christian’s sake to stop him stringing him along. Syed forces Christian to tell him who the blackmailer is. Syed furiously confronts a frightened Lucy, but they’re interrupted by Ian.

Peggy confesses to Ronnie and Roxy that the Vic is running at a loss. Ian finds the Vic’s accounts ledger in the cafe and announces Peggy’s problems to the pub. Archie overhears and tells Janine that it will be easy for them to make a fire look like an insurance job, but Janine has second thoughts about framing Billy. Archie heads to the Vic cellar while everyone is at the bonfire and plants Billy’s wallet then lights a match…

Also, Lucy has her eye on Jay; Owen breaks his restraining order to talk to Denise and tell her that Lucas is bad news.

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