Ian and Jane plan a cosy night in. Zainab interrupts and plays Jane the audio clip of Ian with Janine. Ian protests that he slept with Janine when he thought that Jane had gone for good but Jane is gutted. Christian tells Jane to think twice before she throws away her marriage. Ian tells Jane that Archie was blackmailing him and he broke into the Vic on Christmas Day and took Archie’s laptop. Ian worries that the police may be after him and begs Jane not to leave him.

Jean realises that Stacey’s baby can’t be Bradley’s when she sees the date on Stacey’s scan but Stacey won’t say who the father is. Stacey assures Bradley that Jean will keep their secret. Max asks them what they’re whispering about and Mo jokes that Bradley has killed Archie. Bradley seems about to confess something shocking when he tells Max that he’s done something terrible…

Peggy reveals to the family that she discovered designer clothes in Glenda’s suitcase all with the labels still on and she’s convinced it proves that Glenda is trying to con them into thinking she’s something she isn’t. Peggy asks lawyer Ritchie to get something on Glenda.

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