Jane makes a shock discovery on Lucy’s phone

Ian prepares a welcome home lunch for Peter, who is due back from New Zealand. When Peter phones to say he’s missed his connecting flight, Ian goes ahead with the lunch anyway. After Ian admits to Jane he thinks Lucy hated him, Jane looks through the texts on Lucy’s phone to prove that wasn’t the case. When Jane finds a message where Lucy is asking for drugs, Ian is horrified to see who the text was sent to…

Aleks buys Roxy a sexy dress to take her out for dinner. Stopped in the Square by Marta – who he’s obviously spent the weekend with – Aleks is forced to pretend the dress was for her. After getting Marta out of the way, Aleks buys Roxy an identical dress and they head to The Vic. Things go horribly wrong, however, when Marta, wearing the same new dress, turns up in the pub!

Shabnam is left in charge of the Minute Mart when Denise takes a day off to spend time with Patrick. When two inspectors arrive to look at the books and do a stock take, Shabnam is nervous. Worried for Shabnam, Masood asks Denise to go to the shop. Just as the inspectors are leaving, happy with the books, Denise turns up, blurting out she’s been stealing – and is fired!

Also, Phil has words with Ian about Ben, but Ian keeps Ben’s secret.