Jane makes a confession to Stacey

Jane tells Stacey that things aren’t going well between her and Ian in EastEnders.

Stacey has a heart-to-heart with Jane, who opens up about her relationship with Ian. Jane confesses she’s worried that Ian no longer finds her attractive. Worried for Jane, Stacey asks Mick to have a word with Ian. When Jane later asks Stacey to keep their conversation to herself, Stacey panics!

Ronnie feels pressured by Jack as he pushes forward with plans for the move, talking about selling the gym. When Jack also announces he’s booked a date for the wedding, will it be too much for Ronnie?

Shakil reassures Bex that he’s fine about waiting to sleep together. He wants Bex to be ready, not to bow to pressure from their schoolmates. Shakil, however, makes another suggestion for while they’re still waiting… Is it something Bex will agree to?

Also, Kathy takes over from Geraldine after the Walford Players revolt!