Jane meets Ian’s stalker!

Jane admits to Lucy, Peter and Bobby that their father is missing. Lucy is unmoved and tells Jane her theory that Ian has run off with Cindy. Lucy packs up Bobby’s stuff and tells Peter that they’re going to stay at Pat’s. Jane forbids the children to leave but when she goes to lock up, she’s confronted by Ian’s stalker…

Heather gets the sack from the supermarket and Shirley is sure that a spiteful Queenie is behind it. Queenie later fakes a fall to force Heather to stay at home. Queenie’s tricks backfire when Heather overhears her bad-mouthing her daughter on the phone. Heather turns up on Shirley’s doorstep with her suitcase, just as Shirley has been kicked out!

Stacey is upset when Jean flees the house and Max tries to comfort her, but she pushes him away. Max catches up with Jean and warns her not to ruin Stacey’s big day. Meanwhile, Bradley has decided on a best man and he tells a stunned Stacey that he’s going to ask Max!

Also, Roxy catches Ben returning her stolen bra; Jase finds out that Jay has stolen and pawned Roxy’s engagement ring to pay for Jase’s tools.

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