Jane plans to say she killed Lucy!

Jane wakes to find Ian and Bobby gone and runs to Sharon to tell her. When Phil overhears, Sharon lies that Ian and Bobby have left for the duration of the trial. Discovering that Jane wants to ask Marcus to help Max, a worried Sharon warns Marcus to stay away from Jane. Suspicious, Phil corners Jane, realising he’s not getting the full truth from either her or Sharon.

Jane’s plan is falling apart, prompting her to decide to turn herself in and go down for the murder instead of Max. Despite Sharon’s pleas, Jane calls Keeble, telling her she needs to talk to her. When Phil confronts Sharon about her lies, she’s forced to tell him the truth. As Jane goes to answer the door to Keeble, she’s stopped in her tracks by Phil.

Ronnie is annoyed when Charlie says he’s too busy with work to spend time with her. In the Square, Kim is talking to Vincent about the family photo shoot when they see Ronnie take a fall. Running over to help her, Vincent sends Kim and Claudette on their way so he can help Ronnie home. Back at hers, they can’t resist any longer, tearing off each other’s clothes.

Also, Dot offers Cora a room at hers; Mick books a holiday for Linda.