Jane realises Ian is missing

Jane is angry that Ian has dumped her with the kids to go to South Africa, but her anger turns to worry when she discovers that he never arrived at the hotel. Jane goes to the police to report him missing, but they are less than sympathetic. Jane’s blood runs cold when she discovers Ian’s passport in a drawer at home. Where is he?

Stacey is forced into agreeing to let Jean make her wedding dress as she doesn’t want to hurt her mum. But Sean puts the cat among the pigeons after Stacey turns down his offer to walk her down the aisle and he spitefully tells Jean that Stacey doesn’t want her to make her wedding dress. A hurt Jean runs out.

Shirley has money troubles when Peggy cuts her shifts at the Vic and she realises she’ll have to get a second job. Dot gives her a trial at the launderette and Shirley is the model employee, but Dot can’t take her on permanently until her boss Mr Oppodopolous gets back from holiday.

Also, Jase gets a job refitting the video shop after telling a sympathetic Phil about his prison record; Ronnie, Roxy and Peggy have a girly night in at the flat.

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