Ian is delighted when Jane returns home to help search for Bobby after a call from Lucy. Bobby is nowhere to be found, but Jane is relieved when he runs up to her in the park. Jane takes Bobby home and reveals she wants to return. Peter makes Jane promise that if she’s coming back to the family she will be back for good.

Archie and Janine catch Billy trying to sneak out of the house and tell him that the Mitchells will lose the Vic to Ian if they don’t buy the debt. Archie organises for Billy to look after William and Janet for Christmas in return for keeping his mouth shut. Janine visits Ian and plays him the evidence of them having sex and tells him that she wants the Mitchell loan.

Abi is worried about Max’s downbeat mood. Heather lets slip to Abi that Shirley told everyone in the Vic about Max’s fraud. Abi gives Shirley her savings to give to Heather to make up for the money Max conned from her. Abi forces Max to go to the Vic to face the locals and she jumps to his defence.

Also, Amira decides to ask her imprisoned dad to help with the cost of the wedding; The Mitchells organise a raffle to raise funds.