Jane gives Lucy the opportunity to confess to her lie, but Lucy plays innocent. Jane confronts Peter about Lucy’s abortion and he admits he and Ian knew about it. Jane makes him promise not to tell anyone that she knows. A devastated Jane tells Denise she’s going to leave Ian, but she decides to bide her time and get her revenge. Meanwhile, Lucy leaves Walford to stay with her grandma in Reading.

Shirley warns Minty not to hurt Heather again. Heather is angry that Shirley has been interfering and tells her to look at her own love life when Shirley says Minty will never be happy with her. Shirley offers Heather and Minty a peace offering when she realises she went too far.

Becca finds a message on Stacey’s phone from Max inviting her to scatter Bradley’s ashes. Becca deletes the message, but Stacey finds out from Dot. Max convinces Stacey to join the family in scattering the ashes, but Stacey bails at the last minute. Stacey says she’s not ready to say goodbye and Max gives Stacey the ashes to keep until she’s ready.

Also, Syed records a video message for his sister Shabnam onto a family video and reveals he’s fallen in love with a man.

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