Janeece pokes her nose in

Never one to keep her opinions to herself, Janeece gives the school’s senior staff a serious headache this week. When she picks up Year 10 pupil – and teen mum – Billie Taylor on her way to school, she notices that Billie’s mother, Laura, is acting as the child’s primary carer. Concerned that Laura is trying to take the baby away from Billie, Janeece defies the advice of Chris and Adanna and urges Billie to fight for her maternal rights. The result? A clash between mother and daughter, not to mention major confusion over who has the baby’s best interests at heart. In Karen’s absence, how can the situation be resolved?

Meanwhile, staff and pupils are beginning to notice Grantly’s increasingly unkempt appearance and wonder what’s going on. Enter Ruby and Tom, whose covert clean-up operation looks a lot like Grantly’s first step towards getting his life in order.

Elsewhere, Jonah finds out that he’s the only student attending Cesca’s lunchtime Spanish lessons, and their mutual attraction provides the ideal opportunity for some intensive one-to-one, ahem, ‘tuition’. This surely can’t end well for either of them.