Lou accepts Mishka’s explanation for her dodgy behaviour in Moscow, but tells her he needs some time to consider his feelings for both Mishka and Janelle. It’s not long before the gloves are off and both Janelle and Mishka vow to win Lou’s heart at any cost.

Dylan and Elle’s passion leads them to end up in bed. Dylan immediately regrets it, but admits being with Elle takes his mind off his anger. He later apologises to Elle for not taking his new role in Lassiters seriously and pledges to make a proper go of things in future.

Janae’s return to work goes well, but Chris isn’t happy when she turns up dressed to the nines to exploit a photo opportunity at the garage. Janae’s dismayed and puzzled by her boss’s attitude and is at a loss to understand Chris’s anger until she sees her with Pepper and mistakenly assumes they’re an item. Janae infuriates Chris by accusing her of discriminating against her because she’s straight.

Also, Pepper impresses Susan and Zeke with her first PE class, but gets on the wrong side of Rachel and Bree, and Pepper is puzzled when her dad’s police checks fail to turn up the name of her fiancé Frazer- it seems he doesn’t exist anywhere.