Janelle takes action against Karl

Janelle launches her legal action against Karl over the paternity mix-up, seeking more than a million dollars in damages. Unsurprisingly, Susan’s not too happy about it and, when she catches Janelle slagging Karl off at the store, enlists Toadie’s help to counter-sue Janelle for defamation. The pair end up having a furious public row, in which Susan defends Karl and floors Janelle with some damning home truths.

Steph is thrilled when Harold informs her that Max has made contact through a Salvation Army Shelter. But her delight turns to anguish when Harold informs her that Max is getting on with his life and fully expects her to do the same.

Elsewhere, after she nearly loses her new engagement ring in the kitchen, Lyn refuses Paul’s offer to have it made smaller. But she’s devastated when she ends up accidentally losing it in Lassiter’s Lake, and ends up decked out in wellies, fishing for it herself – but with no luck. When Paul orchestrates a large-scale retrieval mission, Lyn fakes finding the ring herself, to prevent the searchers discovering the gun she disposed of in the lake on Paul’s behalf.

Also, Steph offers a worried Toadie moral support when he gets a suspect mole tested for melanoma, and Karl and Susan row over Susan’s insistence that Katya is innocent of any wrongdoing.