Despite Zeke’s pleas, Steiger insists that Katya returns to Erinsborough in police custody. Katya’s resigned to her fate but still insists she won’t testify against her former criminal cohorts. Susan, Karl and Zeke try to talk her round, telling her it’s the only way she’ll stay out of prison, but Katya refuses, convinced that turning into a grass will put her entire family in jeopardy.

Janelle is furious at Steiger’s stubborn stance over Katya and storms out of the campsite only to get completely lost. She returns to the camp, but end up arguing with Steiger, until their bickering turns into passion.

The next morning, Janelle and Steiger realise they are falling for each other, but Bree is less than impressed with her mum’s new fancy man and Janelle implores her daughter to change her anti-Steiger tune!

Rosie’s dating contest is underway and Paul is doing his best to impress, making expensive gestures, much to Frazer’s despair. Rosie arrives at a deserted Lassiter’s restaurant, where Paul has arranged a private seven course meal complete with oysters and a pair of posh pearl earings. Rosie’s thrilled and she and Paul spend a perfect evening together. But Rosie is furious when she learns Paul has booked a hotel room for them both, and storms out.