Jane’s back!

Jane is furious with Ian for letting Bobby run off and tells him that she’s taking Bobby home, especially now Ian is carrying on with Mandy. Jane leaves to check on Christian and bumps into Masood and the old chemistry is still there. Mandy wonders if Ian wants to get back with Jane, but Ian insists that he only wants Mandy. Jane tells Ian she’s staying in the Square, as Bobby needs both his parents. Mandy thinks it’s a good idea…

Ben has told Phil about Christian ‘molesting’ him. Phil furiously confronts Christian, who gives Ben a chance to tell the truth. Yusef tells Ben not to let Christian bully him. Phil returns home to collect a baseball bat and smashes Christian and Syed’s windows. Ben confesses to Phil that he lied. Jay accuses Ben of being a coward. Ben explains to Phil why he lied and they are reconciled. Meanwhile, Christian is angry that Syed didn’t support him and tells Syed he’s leaving.

Zainab is horrified when Yusef and Amira claim that Christian has been molesting Ben for weeks. Zainab wants to see Syed, but Yusef convinces her to stay out of harm’s way. Yusef tells Zainab he should stay the night to protect her. Meanwhile, Amira is triumphant as she sees Christian leaving the Square in a taxi.