Jane’s life hangs by a thread

Ian slowly turns over his bloodied hands as the sound of the gunshot rings in the air, but Jane collapses on the floor, bleeding from a gunshot wound. Steven is in shock and he blurts out that it was an accident. An hysterical Ian calls the emergency services. When the police start asking Ian questions about the gunman, Lucy begs Ian to hang up.

Lucy is desperate to save a very messed up Steven from prison and she tells Ian to lie to the police about the identity of the gunman. When the police call back, Lucy answers and makes up a story about the attack. The ambulance arrives and Jane is rushed to hospital. Lucy is dropped home by the police and she finds a shaken Steven. Lucy realises that Steven is on the edge and she persuades him to drive her to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Jane is being prepared for theatre and a devastated Ian tells Jane how much she means to him and that he wants them to have a baby. Lucy turns up with Steven and begs Ian to talk to him. Ian realises that Steven has had a breakdown and he gets him an emergency appointment at a private psychiatric clinic rather than call the police.

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