Jane’s mum confronts a shellshocked Ian

Ian struggles to come to terms with Bobby’s attack on Jane and his confession, finding it tough to hold it together in front of the family. Christian soon arrives with mum Linda with devastating news about Jane, who may never walk again. Reeling from Linda’s words, Ian is shocked as Linda shares some harsh home truths.

Sharon is keen to protect her family and turns to Linda for support. With Sharon preoccupied with what’s happened, Dennis is feeling ignored and he sends a text to Gavin… Meanwhile, Kathy makes a decision at Jane’s bedside and calls Lauren to tell her about Bobby’s confession.

Ronnie is searching for her sister, while a guilty Jack returns to Billy’s to help out with a suffering Roxy. Once Roxy recovers, she shows Jay the cocaine she’s been carrying. Jay suggests that he wants to do a deal and split the cash.

Also, Pam realises that Babe is Les’s blackmailer, but fails to get any proof.