Janice won’t stop winding up new factory girls Vicki and Katya and she’s particularly irritated when they start chatting in Polish. Janice tells the other workers that they’ll be priced out of a job as the Connors will take on even more cheap labour. Vicki has had enough of Janice’s sniping and tells her she’s being hypocritical about foreign labour, considering her boyfriend Roger worked in France.

Meanwhile, Joanne is getting increasingly upset about Janice’s comments and she reveals a secret to Hayley – her parents are from abroad and she’s actually an illegal immigrant!

Deirdre and Ken are still in shock following the verdict in the trial and Deirdre realises that she has some major bridge-building to do with Tracy. Meanwhile, the rest of the street is buzzing about the news and everyone has an opinion on the verdict.

Unlike the rest of the street, the Mortons are uninterested in Tracy’s trial as they barely know her. Instead, they set about planning a big celebration for twins Darryl and Mel’s 18th birthday.