*First episode, 7.30pm*
Leanne tells Janice that she’s going to a property exhibition at a hotel in town and a proud Janice decides to see Leanne in action. After Les drops off Leanne, Janice convinces Les to give her a lift to the hotel by lying that she needs to take Leanne her mobile phone. Janice is stunned when she arrives to see Leanne chatting with an older man at the bar and kissing him before leading him into a lift to the hotel rooms. Janice realises that Leanne’s new ‘career’ is not in property at all…

Tracy finds out that Deirdre has been snooping and asking Claire questions about Tracy’s ‘abuse’. Tracy is furious with Deirdre and demands to know what she thinks she’s up to. Tracy’s over-the-top reaction simply serves to plant more seeds of doubt in Deirdre’s mind about her daughter and she’s sure that Tracy is hiding something.

The Mortons gather at the refurbished shop for the grand opening of ‘Jerry’s’. The locals pop in for a glass of fizz and even a wary Roy finds himself enjoying a bit of Morton hospitality.

Also, Paul ropes Dev and Steve into making up a threesome for a round of golf, but Paul’s not the golf pro he’s led them to believe and a surprised Steve takes an early lead.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*
Janice waits for Leanne to reappear, sickened by what she’s just seen and when Leanne slips out of the hotel not long after, Janice demands to know what’s going on. A stunned Leanne denies that she’s a prostitute and claims that she’s an ‘escort’ and there’s a big difference. Janice isn’t having any of it and insists that it’s exactly the same as it boils down to men paying her for sex. A furious Janice orders Leanne to leave the flat, but she can’t bear to see her stepdaughter in an even more desperate situation and she relents and agrees to let a dispirited Leanne stay.

Maria reluctantly tells Peter that she is obliged to keep away from the Barlow family as she’s been called as a witness for the prosecution in Tracy’s trial. Peter playfully jokes about secret relationships and Maria weakens and finds herself inviting him around for dinner the following day.

Tracy is on edge when she discovers that Deirdre has been questioning Steve, Claire and even David about their evidence in defence of Tracy’s case. Her day goes from bad to worse when she sees Peter flirting with arch enemy and star prosecution witness Maria.

Also, Steve and Dev can’t believe what a useless golfer Paul is when he loses the game and his money in magnificent style.