Janice is reticent when Roger suggests she splashes some of her ‘inheritance’ on a luxury weekend away. When she gets upset hearing the factory girls talking about Rosie running off with the lottery money, Janice realises she has to own up and despite Leanne’s pleas, she blurts out the truth to a stunned Sally. The police are called and Janice is arrested and charged with fraud, while Roger can’t believe what Janice has done and packs his bags.

Becky wakes up groggy the morning after the night before and can’t remember much about what went on. But as they day go on she starts to get flashbacks and when she finds a strange purse in her handbag she realises she’s in more trouble than she thought. Meanwhile, Jason returns from Milan with his tail between his legs after finding Sarah back with her Italian boyfriend and he is left heartbroken and single once more.

Liam is worried about his best man’s speech and Tom offers to help, unaware of the real reason that Liam is struggling with the duty. Later, when Maria suggests a night of baby-making it is clear Liam’s heart is not in it and Maria is troubled when Liam can’t quite get down to business.