The Underworld workers arrive for some Good Friday overtime but they’re stunned by the turn of events a few hours into the shift. The police and immigration officials turn up at the building following an anonymous tip-off about illegal workers. Janice looks on smugly as immigration investigate and gloats that she called them in to get rid of Vicki and Katya. But she’s stunned when it turns out that the two Polish girls are legally entitled to work there, while Joanne is led away!

Vernon is chuffed that his new business is doing brilliantly as he’s doing a roaring trade in drum lessons. Liz is less impressed by the constant stream of students trooping through the pub, let alone the noise from upstairs. Liz finally cracks and tells Vernon that she can’t stand it any longer and he needs to get rid of the drum kit – or else!

Jerry is pleased that his family are settling into the street but he still has a nagging fear about his youngest, Kayleigh. He’s sure that something is going on between Kayleigh and her mum. It seems that Jerry’s doubts are not unfounded when Kayleigh fakes a phone call to Teresa. What’s she up to?

Also, the residents talk about Tracy’s court case.