Janine attempts to reel in Michael

Michael realises Janine wants him to go running to her when Billy ‘let’s slip’ she’s staying at a posh London hotel. At first refusing to play into her hands, Michael eventually turns up at the hotel when Alice encourages him to go after his daughter. When Janine smugly tells Michael she’s moving abroad, he calls her bluff, telling her never to return to Walford. Michael hopes that he’s played the right card to tempt her to return to the Square.

Jean thinks Ian is sweet on her after reading a horoscope suggesting romance is on the cards. Shirley is amused, teasing Jean that Ian probably wants her because Denise is too demanding! When Carl turns up at the restaurant, Ian’s nervous about keeping him sweet, after revealing he hasn’t got his money yet. Thankful when Jean makes the perfect meal, Ian tells Jean he could kiss her, prompting her to slap him!

Ava is taken aback to realise that Cora knows about her secret liaisons with Sam after seeing them together through the window. Ava is left with food for thought when Cora points out that it won’t be long before Dexter discovers the truth. Cora advises Ava to either finish with Sam, or confess to Dexter.