Janine blackmails Jack

Jack has spent all night chained to the club office radiator and is eventually set free by Billy. Jack is furious when he realises that Janine has some incriminating footage from his laptop. Jack discovers that Janine is planning on playing the footage to the public on a big screen in the club and manages to stop her in time. Jack stops Janine and she tells him that she wants him to give her something in exchange for her silence…

Bradley doesn’t know what to do with Gumbo and keeps him a secret from Phil. Ben finds Bradley with Gumbo and is instantly smitten. When Phil finds the dog he realises that Ben adores him and agrees to let Gumbo stay as long as Bradley pays for his keep. Bradley keeps silent about his plan to offload Gumbo as quickly as possible!

Patrick offers to let Denise and the family move into the house now that Yolande has left him, but he doesn’t count on the disruption. Patrick is put out when the family get stuck into moving the furniture and ornaments. Denise feels guilty when she realises and apologises for not being more sensitive.

Also, Zainab sabotages Jane’s food for the Gazette party event and war is declared!

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