Jane tells Ian that she can’t forget what happened between him and Janine but Ian tells her he wants to make a fresh start and says that he has spoken to the adoption agency as he wants to make her happy. Janine visits and when Jane threatens to call the police Janine demands £10,000 to keep quiet about what Ian has done with Archie’s laptop.

Bradley talks to Max about his career options and suggests they use his savings to go into business together. Stacey asks Bradley why he lied about getting her pregnant and he says he wanted to protect her so that the dates for the baby add up. Stacey looks worried and Bradley reassures her that he didn’t kill Archie.

Billy continues with the will… Roxy has been left the remainder of Archie’s estate and is the new owner of the Queen Vic. Janine is furious that she’s been left with nothing. Ronnie is angry when she realises that Glenda only came back because she thought she would inherit something.

Glenda confesses that she lives in a council flat in south London and not a posh villa in France. Glenda makes another confession to Ronnie and reveals she left Archie when she was pregnant – with Ronnie and Roxy’s brother…

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