Ricky mentions going back to Dubai to Pat. Janine turns up in the Square in a Rolls-Royce and Pat accuses her of killing Lydia. Janine holds a party at the club and offers raffle tickets to Vegas to tempt in the punters. Janine attempts to give Ricky an envelope full of money, but he rips it up. Janine is shocked when Norman arrives and announces he is contesting Lydia’s will.

Tanya feels sick and Rainie speculates that she’s pregnant. Tanya confesses to Max that she has been taking the pill, but she’s worried it might not have worked. Tanya does a test, which is negative, and fakes disappointment to Greg.

Julie questions Billy on how he can love Lola when he doesn’t know her and he suggests she’s jealous. Julie tells him she wants it to be just the two of them. Julie spots Lola and eventually agrees to arrange for her to live with them.

Lauren tells Whitney she has passed her driving theory test. The two girls and Fatboy go to Janine’s party and get drunk. Lauren tries to kiss Ryan, but he leans away. However, despite initial reservations Ryan gives into Lauren and they end up kissing.

Also, Shirley catches Rainie about to do drugs in the club toilet.