Michael gets Janine’s back up when he asks her to make him signatory on the business accounts. At a post-natal class, Janine is embarrassed when a shaken Michael walks out after being made to practice emergency resuscitation. Back in the Square, Janine finds Michael in the office with the open safe. Furious that Janine doesn’t trust him, Michael insists he’s trying to keep the business running. Although Janine apologises she later tells Billy to change the safe combination.

Cora and Rose accompany Patrick to the funeral of an old friend. At the wake, Anthony and Tyler turn up and give the widow their business card. When the widow is unhappy to see legendary Romeo Patrick, Cora lies she’s Patrick’s wife and insists he’s a changed man. Cora and Patrick charm the widow into offloading her husband’s possessions to the charity shop.

After spending a night in the cells, Lola is happy to see Jay but is hurt when he insists their kiss was a mistake. Jay later confesses he misses Abi and doesn’t want to cheat on her. When Billy finds the teens together he’s furious, insisting Jay’s a bad influence. Dragging Lola home he tells her she needs to keep out of trouble until the baby is born.