Janine is released by Marsden because of lack of evidence. Janine’s house key doesn’t work and she thinks Ryan has changed the locks. Janine realises she has the wrong door key and is sure that the key’s real owner must have planted the engagement ring. Janine tries the backdoor of the Vic and the key fits. Janine confronts Ronnie and Phil and Ronnie punches her. Janine sees a look of hate on Peggy‘s face and realises she planted the ring. But could Peggy really be the murderer?

Stacey and Bradley marry quietly at the register office with Max and Jean as witnesses. Later, Ronnie catches Becca and Stacey returning her hairbrush. Becca blurts out that Archie raped Stacey and Ronnie reveals that Archie was infertile after chemo. Bradley wants to know who the dad is and Stacey glances at Ryan. Jack thinks Bradley should go on the run as someone has told the police that Archie raped Stacey.

Bianca and Ricky get ready for the wedding and Ricky heads to the church. Carol bursts in and argues with a waiting Ricky. Bianca arrives and is horrified to find Carol and there’s a vicious exchange. Bianca apologises for betraying Carol by sleeping with her fiance Dan. Bianca returns to the church and Carol watches from the back as Ricky and Bianca are married.

Also, Dot tells Ian that she’s committed a crime.

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