Ricky insists that Janine tells Marsden the truth about Ian. Janine visits Marsden and reveals that on the night of Archie’s murder the Queen Vic bust was still on the bar after Ian left the pub. Marsden tells Ian that she’s dropping the charges against him, but she still wants to clear up the matter of the stolen laptop.

Roxy gets a copy of Archie’s pathology report and discovers that he had terminal cancer. Peggy is stunned and reveals that he told her he was dying, but she didn’t believe him. Roxy breaks down over the funeral preparations and surprises Ronnie when she says she wants to see their brother. Ronnie visits Glenda, but is told by Reg that Glenda has left. Later, Glenda is with a young man and she shows him Archie’s obituary and the address of the wake – at the Queen Vic.

Christian wakes up to find Leyton, the guy who carried him home drunk from the club. Christian spends the day trying to avoid Leyton, but when Syed and Amira return from their honeymoon Christian tells them that he’s his new boyfriend.

Also, Max has a go at Stacey for spending more time with Becca than Bradley.